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Bob Marley

The legend of Bob Marley endures because of the earnest way he balances peace with indignance. At one end of the spectrum, his enticing tunes tell stories of corruption and hypocrisy, while on the other, the solace of love. He carries a delicate, graceful balance of being steadfast without aggression and political without being argumentative.

Through compassion and reggae music, he emerged as a voice from the ghetto in a position of leadership that had a transformative effect. He provides an accessibility to the idea that no matter who you are or what freedoms you are fighting for, you can use your sprit as a means to fight oppression: none but ourselves can free our mind.

High Tide or Low Tide

I said, I heard my mother.

She was cryin’

And the tears that she shed

They still linger in my head.

She said “a child is born in this world

He needs protection”.


Every man got a right

to decide his own destiny.

And in this judgement

there is no partiality.

So arm in arms, with arms

we’ll fight this little struggle.

‘Cause that’s the ony way

we can overcome our little trouble.

Lively Up Yourself

What you got that I don’t know?

I’m trying to wonder, wonder why you

Wonder, wonder why you act so

Lively up yourself

And don’t be no drag

Redemption Song

Emancipate yourself

from mental slavery.

None but ourselves

can free our minds.


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