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The Luz y Ligera Project

The Luz y Ligera Project is a response to the unifying experience of covid-19 and celebrates the feelings and experiences that have remained consistent through space and time. 


Many of us, some for the first time, are feeling an overwhelming sense of fear, uncertainty and loss of freedom – a heavy burden. Because of this pressure and vulnerability it is also an uncommonly energetic time where we are collectively searching for hope, craving ways to help and choosing gratitude over desire. 


Perhaps now more than ever, we are acutely aware of our connections with each other, those we know and those we don’t. Despite distance, we can use this as a time to expand our understanding of individuals who have previously seemed distinctly different than us. While the reach of this pandemic is unprecedented, unfortunately the feeling of one’s vitality being under siege is not unique. Even after we are done fighting the coronavirus, many people will still have to endure a consuming lack of peace and freedom.  

However, no matter the situation hope comes from clues left to us by survivors who have experienced extreme distress. Commonalities between their work give insight into how to proceed, and most often it leads back us to the light that is always within us and to the love that is always between us.  Luckily, the beauty of our connections to each other can be displayed in any situation through acts of kindness and compassion. Tense situations can be a time of great clarity and simplicity, which can lead to shifting perspective and priorities; not to mention strength and resilience. 


The coordinated global response to the virus from grocery cashiers to research laboratories shows that we can accomplish staggering results together. In that sense, it shows we also have the power to overcome and end the man-made plagues like childhood homelessness, totalitarianism or discrimination. There’s a lot of work to be done, so perhaps by listening to the voices that came before we can shake off what holds us down and let our light shine!

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